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$1195.00 Wheelsets!? You blokes serious?!

 What is the main drawback for purchasing carbon wheels? 


Well no more excuses now.


No doubt you have seen the work involved in making a carbon rim. It is a pretty intensive process. And we weren't about to take any shortcuts and compromise the quality of the rim, or for that matter any aspect of our wheels. 

All wheels are exactly the same.

We do not compromise quality! Zelvy sells direct to You. No distributor taking 25% margin. No retailer taking another 25% margin.

SO HOW DID WE DO IT? (Here's the yarn)

Actually, Greg, (the Bossman with the "speedbelly") was in at the local car dealership (dreaming) when he noticed a big sign on the wall. If you purchased a new car, you could pay extra to increase the warranty from 3 years/100k kilometres, to 5 years/unlimited k's.

"Well I'l be farked" he thought aloud.

So here we go. A Bold new era. YOU CHOOSE what cover you want.

SILVER: Standard 2 year warranty. Not transferable.

GOLD: What has been standard since 2015. Our five year warranty is above and beyond almost all other products. It is also transferable to the next purchaser. (seriously, who else does that!?)

PLATINUM: And for 2018 we have raised the bar even higher. Lifetime Warranty for the original owner, that also covers subsequent owners for a period of 5 years from original new purchase date. And that is the life of the original owner, until you die or sell the wheels, not some made up period of "lifetime" of the wheels.


You can read more on our warranty here



Firstly, you are a bloody legend. Thanks for your support!

Second, if you got 2018 wheels, you effectively already have PLATINUM cover & 12 months #Zelvymates already. If you don't want that much cover, and would have gone for the GOLD or SILVER cover, please contact us, we will sort it for you.

Any pre 2018 wheelsets are covered by the applicable warranty at the time.


Sure! Why the hell not hey?

Get the wheels you want now with SILVER cover, and (as long as the Mrs/Mr/Partner doesn't kill you in your sleep for your big purchase) sneak in the Platinum cover later on, then the #zelvymates cover a little after that so they are none the wiser!

The only catch is your wheels must still be covered by current warranty, sound fair?


Don't ask for much do you? 

Yep. Our crash replacement policy still applies. 50% off the RRP of the rim, forever and ever. Heck, we even cover other brand carbon rims! You can read about that here


Yeh, we are here patting ourselves on the back as you read this. 

So there you have it! One of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) carbon wheelsets you can get. Handmade to your specifications right here in Sunny QLD, Australia. 

Get some wheels, shred some trails, drink some beers.