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2018 introduction

It's been a big few years for us here at Zelvy. Since starting in 2012, every year we have worked hard and improved our products. We have proved to the world that just because we are from the land down under, doesn't mean we can't produce the best products around.

And the results speak for themselves with elite level podiums on both the World Cup Downhill, and Enduro World Series over the past years.

Our claim of the "strongest carbon wheels on the market isn't just from us, Zelvy was only carbon wheelset to make the coveted "Dirt 100" 2017. Our wheels continue to be the wheel of choice by many elite level athletes.

We continue to use this elite level feedback to improve and refine all our products (and there is more coming) in every way.

For 2018 All Zelvy wheels will continue to be hand-built in Australia. And sold World Wide. Last year we acquired a warehouse in France to service Europe as well. This is now operational for all UK and EU orders.


So 2018 Wheels.. What's new?

Our own Hub! 

Since we started hand building our wheels here in Australia We have been committed to using quality hubs. We always knew we could get our name slapped onto some off the shelf hubs. But that's not what it is about for us! Over the years we have been taking notes on what we loved, and what we didn't love so much about the hubs we have offered in our wheels. The new Zelvy hub is not just a good looking rooster. Like our rims, the form follows function rule applies here too, check the features:
  • LOW DRAG: Drag is a hubs enemy. And little or no attention seems to be paid to this when purchasing MTB hubs. Seal drag, particularly the large seal around the freewheel driver can really effect rolling.  Pawl drag is a big factor too. Previous hubs we have offered had great engagement, (anything over 3 degrees or 100 points/revolution is good) but the pawl spring pressure (pawls are the teeth that engage the driver) against the ratchet ring in the hub was so high that the drag created was tremendous! This also wears the ratchet ring and pawls out faster too.
  • HIGH ENGAGEMENT: Ever gone to put the power down to get over a log on the trail or to stabilise your balance in a tricky ascent and noticed your cranks move a good 1/4 revolution before "clunk" and you are finally driving power to the back wheel? We consider anything under 100 points of engagement to be a compromise on a MTB hub. The Zelvy hub features 102 points of engagement. Effectively "instant" and putting an end to that chain snapping lag. (sound cool too).
  • QUALITY BEARINGS: We know first hand how much bearings matter! Bearing life alone has been a factor for Zelvy changing hub suppliers in previous model years. We are so confident of our bearings that OUR BEARINGS ARE COVERED IN THE WARRANTY. We also love the endless rolling of ceramic bearings, but realise they are an extravagance for some. So we added them as an optional upgrade.
  • LOW WEIGHT: Granted, the hub weight is not nearly as critical as the outer rotating weight of the wheel, but still. Our BOOST hubset weighs in at 440 grams for the set. Not bad considering we are running large quality bearings and large hub flanges.  
  • DEAD SEXY: Well we think so anyway, anodised black, then high polished and simple laser etching. The barrel of the hub is peaked, a subtle nod to the mountain peaks we love to ride.




The Strongest just got stronger.

For 2018 we have continued to improve and refine the layup, manufacturing process, and structure of our rim. You can read more about how our rims are made here. We have improved impact resistance, precision and ride quality. Still the same sexy (and functional) marble look though. We have also changed our range of rim options, and the way you choose your configuration makes it easier for you to make the right decision on what is best for you. The strongest wheels on the market just got stronger!




The best Warranty on the planet

A couple of years back we introduced our 5 year transferable warranty. Now we give you even more options!
Our warranty is simple, just keep the order confirmation email, and invoice.
OUR PLATINUM COVER OPTIONALS LIFETIME WARRANTY is for the original owner (as in YOUR lifetime, so long as you are still alive you are covered), and 5 year warranty for any subsequent owner. How tops is that!!??


Real mates are always there when you need them, they always got your back. Your mates are there to tell your partner you are working late when you sneak out for a ride and a beer. Your mates are there to "encourage" you to hit that 30 footer double, and call the ambulance afterwards. Mates are the best hey?...

This year we introduce the #Zelvymates program. A no questions asked, "we got your back no matter what" club that covers you against them little "JRA's".

Collapsed or "mysteriously gritty" bearings, even though you never ride in mud (well except that one time, but you pressure washed them clean hey?) #Zelvymates has got you covered.

Bruised your cassette driver beyond recognition? #Zelvymates will be sending you out a new driver in no time. (do us a favour and get a decent cassette!)

Broke a spoke on the way to the pub? No worries, we got you covered.

Damaged a rim on the way home from the pub? Yeh, it's ok, we will replace that for you too. And we promise not to tell your partner/mum/dad/dog. (Or ask if it was really that 30' double you cased the hell out of).

Of course there is a lot more to Zelvy mates than just a bit of extra "JRA" security.

Exclusive online discount codes, pre-order deals on new products, and maybe a free drink if you come visit us at one of our open days or race pits. Got a new bike, but your old wheels don't fit? We will even help you by advertising your old wheels on our social media for you (So long as you are buying new Zelvy wheels, that's what mates do). 

Already got a set of Zelvy wheels and want to join? Sure! No worries mate. Just sign up here




"Crash" Replacement for everyone!

So you aren't a member of #Zelvymates ? That's ok, our standard "crash" replacement policy of 50% off RRP for a new rim is still around to get you going again. That lasts forever too remember, even if your the 2nd, 3rd, 20th owner and the wheels are 10 years old. You break a Zelvy rim, you can get a new one for 50% off the RRP. 

But life is to short to hold grudges, and we all make "mistakes". 

So you went and purchased your new carbon rims from "another brand" hey? And you knocked them about a bit and they are broken??

Well we got your back! If you are the original purchaser, and the "other brand" wheels are under 12 months old and you have proof of purchase Then Zelvy will give you the same crash replacement that we give our own customers! Just contact crash@zelvycarbon.com for instructions on how to place your order, send your wheel to our Aussie or European warehouse and we will rebuild it good as new.

What's the catch? Well, carbon rims only for starters!

We only use 32 spokes per wheel on MTB, and 20 or 24 on road. 36 on BMX. So if your old wheels aren't the right spoke count, your up the creek sorry! Apart from that. No catch!!

WELCOME TO THE 2018 #ZELVYEMPIRE Let's hit the new year rolling!!