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The humans behind Zelvy.

What is it about mountain bikers and engineers? Surely you have noticed right? Well, we are engineer-loving mountain bikers and designers whose path led us to design the very best products using carbon and our technology know-how. 

Zelvy is a 100% Australian company, based in Toowoomba QLD. Home of a great MTB scene on top of the mountain ranges. Toowoomba, or TBAR as it's known to the locals, has one of Australia’s first public mountain bike parks (which Greg our Managing Director founded by the way) and home to Australia’s largest MTB forum, Rotorburn, and obviously, home of some crazy fast mountain bikers!

We are born and bred mountain bikers, riding since the mid 90s. We love carbon, an amazing material that really is only limited by the imagination. Vacuumed. Compressed. Printed?! This medium knows no bounds. We were making downhill bikes for ourselves when the rest of the mountain bike world were saying “Carbon is not for mountain bikes, it breaks”. Hah!