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Request a callback. Just contact us on the form below or email, chat/FaceBook with your name and phone number. We will give you a call (business hours).

Online Chat (Website, Facebook, Skype, Instagram) is open outside these hours when an operator is available..

- General enquiries: service@zelvycarbon.com

- Warranty enquiries (warranty covers defects etc, not damaged product):


- Impact damage, "oops" moments, or other incidents that aren't part of our manufacture defect warranty:


-Sponsorship Enquiries: service@zelvycarbon.com (Please ensure you title the email "sponsorship application" or your email will be ignored.)

- Skype us @ZelvyCarbon

- Hit us up on Facebook

- Why don't we have a phone number? We are online business! We love helping out you guys and girls, but part of the way we keep our prices so cheap is minimal staff that multitask. HOWEVER You can live chat with us most of the time. We can be assembling and dispatching product, at an event, Overseas at a World Cup or CrankWorx, out riding, washing the bike, having a beer at the pub (after work) dinner with the family (pushing the relationship with our partners though) and still chat online.

But we can't answer the phone in all situations! Apart from that, And I am sure you have all experienced it, we got a LOT of telemarketers! We don't have time for that crap :)

If you really would like to talk with us, please contact us and request we give you a callback.

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