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Relentless Innovation

Zelvy Rims

We don't stop

For 2017 we introduce several new rim options. Our BBT range is a SUPER DUTY rim. The strongest carbon rim on the planet  is specifically engineered as a rear rim  (although may be used on the front, your choice). It offers unmatched impact resistance, while still providing the stiffness, precision and unmatched acceleration we are famous for. Available in 27.5" and 29".

27.5" BBT is overkill for all but the wildest, loosest Downhill riders who like to annihilate the rockiest Downhill race circuits at warp speed, overkill for anyone else.

29" BBT is the only 29" rim available specifically engineered for the new wave of heavy hitting, long travel 29" Enduro bikes. More than capable of a World Cup Downhill race one weekend, a mid week trail ride and onto an EWS round the next.

Not too big, not too small...

There is no clear winner in the rim width debate. Each width has its own advantages and disadvantages. That's why we offer three different widths (four if you count "Plus" size). Sure; that means over the 3 different rim sizes we offer there can be three different widths, some with three different layup options, and that's a lot of moulds and logistics. But it's just a part of our NO COMPROMISE Ethos, you get what you want, not what we tell you.

Engineered in Australia.

The toughest carbon rims on the planet is a bold statement. More than a sticker on a rim. For the past 4 years we have continued to fettle and fiddle, learning and evolving. Design, test, improve and repeat.All our rims are dual wall, meaning there is a hollow section inside the rim, creating a beam structure. Optimised for maximum impact resistance, weight, handling and ride. So you can go faster.  A result is our 24.5mm rim height no matter the width of the rim. Too high and the rim becomes too stiff, resulting in a harsh ride and compromised impact resistance. Too low (or worse, single wall) and the rim needs too much material to retain steering precision.

Check the features of our rims below:

  • 32 spoke holes. You ride in the harshest conditions, why risk reliability and ride quality for a few grams?
  • PNT Perfect Nipples Tech. This patented process ensures the nipple seat is perfect. The nipple head has 100% contact around its entire perimeter. Directional drilled, so there is no whacked out stresses between the nipple end and the spoke. PNT also guarantees each nipple bed is exactly the same distance from the hub. So 100% round = perfect even spoke tension. Most carbon rims vary slightly in thickness from inconsistencies in the layup of carbon inside the rim. PNT eliminates this issue.
  • Each rims layup is tuned using up to 4 different types of carbon for maximum impact resistance, ride quality and spoke bed strength. 

An explanation on our rim models.

(using our little take on the obligatory Three Letter Acronyms used in the industry to make stuff sound important:)
  • RBL Really Bloody Light. available in 27.5" and 29" diameters 30mm external width, 25mm internal. This rim is light! It is also very strong. Actually it is just as strong as the PDL 440 gram 35mm enduro rim. but almost 100 grams lighter. HOW? Really expensive high grade carbon, mixed with our toughened resin. Which is why it costs more..
  • PDL Pretty Darn Light. Our standard rim spec. Available in 27.5 in AM and DH spec. Still light, still strong, excellent value. 35mm 27.5" AM weighs 440 grams, the DH weighs 490 grams.
  • BBT Built Bloody Tough. Only available in 35mm widths in 27.5" and 29" This rim is really only required for the heaviest Plow riders who are heavier, fast, and lack any respect for their body and bike. Even Phil Atwill and all our team riders including Llacondeguy do not use this rim... 

Buy from the local Zelvy Build Centre in Europe.

The best news for 2016/2017 is the opening of Zelvy Wheel Build Centres in Australia (Zelvy HQ), UK, Singapore, Europe and USA. All wheels are hand built by our trained master builders at these centres and shipped straight to your door from your nearest build centre. All purchases of rims and other products, returns, crash replacements and warranty is also returned to your local build centre.

Rim model overview and BUY. 

Hookless design, tubeless ready. The toughest rims on the planet. DH World cup and EWS proven...








27.5" AM


345 grams 440 grams 460 grams

27.5" DH



490 grams PDL

540 grams BBT


29" AM


355 grams 440 grams NOT AVAILABLE

29" DH


SUGGESTED TYRE 2.2" - 2.4" 2.3" - 2.5" 2.5" - 3.0"

Rim weight from 355g (RBL 27.5)

Identical profile for all models. 

Great acceleration.

Rim Weight from 440g to 560g.

The most versatile width. suitable for tyres from 2.3 all the way up to 2.5" or even 2.7" DH.

Rim weight from 460g. Ideal for 2.5" tyres all the way up to 3" "Plus" Size tyres. great stiffness and steering precision, loads of grip.

(Rim Pairs only)

(Rim Pairs only)

(Rim Pairs only)