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29x35 BBT

Spokes Black Triple Butted Black Triple Butted Black Triple Butted
Nipple Titanium coated brass Titanium coated brass Titanium coated brass
Hubs Onyx Onyx Onyx
Suggested Tyre 2.2' to 2.3' 2.3' to 2.5' 2.3' to 2.5'
Rim Weight 350 grams 440 grams 490 grams
Suggested Use Trail/Enduro Trail/Enduro Enduro/DH
TOTAL WEIGHT 1890 grams 2050 grams 2150 grams





Smooth Operator

Never seen anything like it? The Onyx system is quite unique. So how does it work? The smooth surface on the driver is hardened. The Pawls inside the hub are like small wedges that allow the driver to spin one way, but try and turn it backwards and the pawls wedge themselves between the driver and hubshell.

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Got good brakes?

The main thing you notice with the ONYX hub is how damn fast they roll! traditional stainless steel bearings don't run as smooth as the highly polished Japanese ceramic balls in these hubs. And traditional freehub systems are always creating friction as the pawls are dragged over the ratchet. Not on the ONYX system.

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Keep on Rolling

The other defining factor in the Onyx hub is the independently adjustable bearing pre-load. This can be easily adjusted by loosening the locking ring bolt, and tightening or loosening the pre-load collar.

Axle standards

Hey there sexy

Our trademark Matte Marble finish looks damn sexy hey? Just like Mum always told us "it's whats on the inside that counts" So our rims include some pretty special tech, read more about them here

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