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Frequently Asked Questions

We all got one.. See if it is here. If it isn't, no problem! Just Contact Us

Why Can't I order a chainguide or other non-carbon products with my carbon wheels?

Actually it is because "Zelvy Carbon" is a different company to "Zelvy Components".

We ship for free and can ship together.It is just like you can't order a "Virgin Active" Gym membership with your "Virgin Airlines" plane ticket. 

Bonus is all Zelvy Industries brands ship for free! 

Stay tuned too! More things  "Zelvy" are coming! 

What tyres should I choose?

Firstly, how you ride, your ability, and your weight are the main factors to consider when choosing a tyre. What works for your mate may not work for you. With our 30mm internal rim width we suggest at least a  2.3 tyre, and up to a 2.6.

The heavier you are, the wider the tyre you should run. If you are a lighter rider (say sub 60kg) you are going to be creating yourself a whole lot of rolling resistance with a big fat tyre that perhaps you don't need.

Remember it is all about pressure (force over area), and that brings us to the next question.

I am comparing your wheels to some other brands, what's the difference?

Compare the price. Now for that price all we ask is to compare the specification of the wheel. Including the Warranty, Crash replacement policy and does it have free replacement option like our #zelvymates ?

Apart from our awesome Zelvy rim  designed and developed in house and ridden by some of the best riders in the world; compare these things:

The hub: For 2019 our builds use our own brand hubs that are the result of us using many different brands of great and not so great hubs over the previous model years.. 

The Spokes and nipples: We use quality spokes and nipples from Sapim.

The rim profile: Our rim is tubeless ready. Easy to mount the tyre, and even easier to seal. Hand pump to 30psi and you are done. Our new rim profile makes tubeless setup so simple you will want to pull the tyre off and do it again just for fun!

What about shipping costs and VAT / Import Duties?

All shipping is now FREE WORLDWIDE for all products.

You can read about shipping here 

Within Australia the price listed includes the 10% GST. 

Orders shipped to NZ do not include import duties. 

European and UK orders do NOT include VAT.

Orders to USA and Asia are subject to import duties and taxes relevant to your local law. The price listed for products shipped to USA/CANADA/ASIA and other countries outside EU/AU/NZ DO NOT INCLUDE TAXES.

What about my wife / husband /  Partner?

A wise man once said "it is better to ask for forgiveness than for permission. Buy the wheels, they are worth the turmoil at home, besides, you will be out riding anyway!!, 

Please contact us if you need more excuses or a "safety report" on your current wheelset, perhaps a re-worded invoice :)

Carbon rims break easier than aluminium?

Negative, They break differently than an alloy rim. Aluminium is soft, chances are if you damage your carbon Zelvy rim, then you would have destroyed an alloy one long ago.

I have seen an alloy wheelset that weighs the same as a zelvy carbon fiber wheelset?

Sure, you can make an aluminium rim really light, it will also be really weaker, really flexible, and performance will be pretty different to carbon. If you want a good alloy wheelset, stay tuned to our zelvy components page.

A carbon rim is ridiculously strong and stiff! Even weight for weight, the Zelvy carbon wheel will accelerate, brake and corner so much better than the lightweight alloy "equivalent" (we use this term loosely!)

The competitions carbon wheelset is lighter?

It isn't all about the weight. It is about the performance and reliability as well.

20/24/28 spoke wheel? No thanks, we ride our wheels, in tough conditions, 1 broken spoke on a 20 or 24 spoke MTB wheel can be disastrous.

Tiny skinny rim? Wider is better, we all know that, a narrower rim is lighter, but it isn't faster!

If the rim is the same width (30mm internal) , and they have 32 spokes as well, but they are still lighter? Find out the rim weight and compare. If the rim is lighter then we would question the reliability and performance. Will it break too easily or lose its stiffness and precision? If the rim is the same weight as our listed weight, then where is the weight being saved??

Is there a weight limit on Zelvy's carbon products?

No. If you are a heavier rider we suggest wider tyres for better floatation and corner support, but otherwise.. Go for it! Our Carbon rims are built for strength. For example an un-laced rim, imagine if you sat on an alloy rim; it would more likely collapse. Not so with a Zelvy carbon rim.

What is BOOST? Why do you only offer Boost?

Boost is a totally new hub standard that is incompatible with all other hubs standards. It was introduced a few years ago (2015 from memory)

We won't go into the conspiracy theories as to why BOOST was introduced, but it is here to stay. 

You can tell if your bike is BOOST or not by measuring the width between the dropouts of your current fork and rear dropouts as shown below. Or you can measure the width of the hub on your current wheels too of course.

BOOST FRONT hubs measure 110mm at the extreme width with a 15mm diameter axle hole. NOTE 20mm axle hole is NOT BOOST!!! 


BOOST REAR hubs measure 148mm at the extreme width of the hub with a 12mm diameter axle hole. 

If your rear hub measures 150mm, it is NOT BOOST, it is Downhill standard and NOT COMPATIBLE with BOOST since the position of the brake rotor is offset slightly less.