Free worldwide delivery buy online or through your local bike store!

Free worldwide delivery*, no matter where you live.. 

Some say it's because we're top blokes. Others say it's because we live right next to trails and that makes us happier. And some have called us all sorts of names because they think we've lost our minds. 

Whatever the reason, we think it's only fair.

Our free shipping is a tracked service, but it takes a bit longer than express. Free shipping is only available on items where you see this symbol.


Should you wish to upgrade the shipment please purchase the express shipping option at an additional cost. Please contact your local authority regarding import duty on online purchased goods. We cannot control the rules or the process in your area. We can help as much as we can though!

Order in-store or online...

Order at your local bike store! Just tell them you want Zelvy wheels, tell them to contact us. We all need to support our Local Bike Stores, if you love your 'LBS' then so do we. 

Please contact us to discuss VAT/Import Taxes to your area. 

How long?

Our standard range of wheels is available built and ready to ship. For our 'First Elite' builds we try and work to a 15 day lead time, our small team of wheel builders in each of our WorldWide build centres sometimes get snowed under though.

It would be awesome if we could hand deliver our stuff and have you show us around your local tracks too, but well, we don't have time!

So here are some estimated (we can't guarantee this sorry buds) shipping times for you all.



Free shipping ~ 5 days

Express ~ 2 days


Free Shipping ~ 4 days

Express ~ next day


Free shipping ~ 3 days (dunno why, just is)

Express shipping ~ next day


Free shipping ~ 5 days

Express ~ 2 days


Free shipping `~ 6 days

Express ~ 3 days

Mexico! (oops).. Hobart

Free shipping ~  6 days

Express ~ 2 days

Regional just add a day to whatever capital you are closest to..




Free shipping ~ 10 days

Express ~ 4 days


Free shipping ~ 10 days

Express ~ 4 days


Free shipping ~ 8 days

Express ~ 2 days


Free shipping ~ 3 days


*free delivery only on selected products displaying this logo: