Introducing the Zelvy RBL Rim

Introducing the Zelvy RBL rim

Light and strong. We fused a high modulus carbon that saves a heap of weight over already light  carbon we use in our standard PDL rims.  We infuse the cloth with super tough epoxy resin to form the specially ordered pre preg sheets. The spoke holes are reinforced with a tougher heavier grade weave rather than a unidirectional cloth.Finally, we directionally drill them using a patented process that not only drills the nipple hole, it also reams the nipple bed for perfect seating of the nipple resulting in perfect spoke tension. Finished in our trademark Matte Marble finish to look sexy as hell the RBL rim is the ultimate trail and enduro rim.

Is it strong? Watch the vid below, we will let Phil show you. Then click here to build up your very own set.