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G'day mate!

So what is #zelvymates ?

In its most basic sense, Zelvy Mates is like an insurance policy that covers you for them little "JRA" moments.

It covers you for things that fall outside our amazing warranty policy

So if you get a little out of shape in the rock garden and manage to damage a rim, then you are covered.

Stick through the spokes? Covered.

Car Exhaust melted your rim? (happens!!)  Covered!!

Submerge the bike in a puddle of mud and got a few gritty bearings? Covered!

A 12 month subscription to Zelvy Mates is an option in the purchase of any 2019 Zelvy wheelset.


The fine print:

  • Freight and labour costs are not included.
  • Apart from the free replacement, all standard crash replacement policy aspects still apply to all zelvymates members. 
  • Zelvymates entitles current members to one (2) free rims per year, no questions asked. Subsequent damaged rims may be charged an "excess" or  "premium" at Zelvy's discretion. (75% discount from RRP still better than our already awesome crash program)
  • Furthermore, your membership may be revoked at Zelvy's discretion if it is deemed that you are abusing your privileges and/or intentionally damaging/misusing your product, and/or ignoring setup or usage advice given by Zelvy to prevent further claims.
  • Zelvymates members may not use their membership to provide assistance to friends or family who have Zelvy products and are not members, any attempt to do so will instantly void membership with no refunds (we record serial numbers against orders)
  • Zelvymates membership is non refundable. Period.
  • Zelvymates is only available to complete wheelsets sold. Not rims, supplied hubs etc.
  • The official period of subscription period for members who purchase new 2018 wheels is 12 months only from the date of dispatch.
  • Zelvy Mates is non-transferrable.