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There is no clear winner in the rim width debate. Each width has its own advantages and disadvantages. That's why we offer three different widths (four if you count "Plus" size). Sure; that means over the 3+ different rim sizes we offer (#26aintdead) there can be three different widths, some with three different layup options, and that's a lot of moulds and logistics. But it's just a part of our NO COMPROMISE Ethos, you get what you want, not what we tell you.


The toughest carbon rims on the planet is a bold statement. More than a sticker on a rim. For the past 4 years we have continued to fettle and fiddle, learning and evolving. Design, test, improve and repeat.

All our rims are dual wall, meaning there is a hollow section inside the rim, creating a beam structure. Optimised for maximum impact resistance, handling and ride. So you can go faster.  A result is our 24.5mm rim height no matter the width of the rim. Too high and the rim becomes too stiff, resulting in a harsh ride and compromised impact resistance. Too low (or worse, single wall) and the rim needs too much material to retain steering precision. Not only that but impacts result in spoke "hammering" As the rim is now too flexible, the spokes stay the same length but the rim deforms, the spokes are temporarily free from tension during the impact. This happens over and over again until the spoke or nipple fails from fatigue.