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Nathan Cubit

Name Age, Hometown:
Nathan, 15, Gold Coast

Your first memory on a bike:
My First bike I got was when I was around 3 to 4 years old. The bike was called the ‘Mud Buster’. My first memory was shredding around on it in the back yard.

Your First Race:
My first race was a Beerburrum club race, 11 Years Old.
Proudest Memory on a bike:
My best memory on a bike is being the 2015 Queensland Downhill state champ, one of my first races I have won.

Major Results:
• 1st 2015 Queensland Downhill State Championships U/15
• 2nd 2015 South East Queensland Downhill Series U/15
• 3rd 2015 National Downhill Series U/15
• 1st 2014 South East Queensland Enduro Series U/15

Best thing about your Zelvy wheels:
My favourite thing about the Zelvy Carbon rims is the zero flex in the wheels. This makes cornering much easier, faster and makes you feel much more in control.