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Our Warranty

Our  Warranty

WARRANTY CLAIM? Contact warranty@zelvycarbon.com

We love our Zelvy customers and we will do everything we possibly can to help you. We 100% believe in the products we design and sell. Our five year warranty is above and beyond almost all other products.

Zelvy warrants all RETAIL products to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of FIVE YEARS from the original purchase date (receipt required). This warranty is transferable for selected products only (bikes and frames excluded). Claims under this warranty must be made direct to Zelvy.

Proof of purchase is required. For “rim only” sales a receipt of wheel building is required also. Rim only sales with warranty claims involving spoke nipple hole defects are subject to our discretion. Rims must be built by a professional wheel builder or your local bike shop and we need to see a receipt. 

Home built wheel = NO WARRANTY!

Alloy nipples = NO WARRANTY!

Straight gauge spokes = NO WARRANTY!

Warranty does not cover parts that have been incorrectly adjusted, installed, serviced. Warranty does not cover damage sustained to parts used for applications beyond the scope of their intended design, such as using Enduro rims for Downhill. Warranty does not apply to damage related to a crash, impact, unauthorised alteration, abuse of product, and normal wear and tear, and wear items such as bearings. Rim braking surfaces are warranted for 2 years against wear, and only if Zelvy rim brake pads have been used 100% of the products life (proof of purchase for brake pads will be required). Warranty does not cover freight charges. Warranty does not cover spokes broken from over tension, impact from any foreign object. Running pressures above the recommended pressure set by zelvy (50psi for mtb. 150psi road. 100psi BMX) voids warranty. This includes tubes. Tubeless and other systems.


Use of our products on motorised bicycles voids warranty related to spoke holes, spoke nipples, spokes, hub cassette driver, hub spoke holes .

Normal wear and tear refers to worn out braking surface, worn out brake pads, damaged spokes, chips and scratches. We will replace any defective products at our own discretion and to the latest specification product where practical. Warranty does not apply to parts manufactured by other manufacturers as individual manufactures will warrant these parts. Composite Specific brake pads are provided with all road rims and wheelsets. Failure to use composite brake pads will void the warranty. Any warranty claims for braking surface will require proof of acceptable purchase quantities of brake pads for the life of the rim/wheel. Zelvy reserves the right to amend and alter the warranty terms at anytime without notice.


Please note our 5 year warranty only applies to items sold after June 2015.

Items purchased before this date are subject to our original 2 year warranty.



WARRANTY CLAIM? Contact warranty@zelvycarbon.com




Lifetime crash repair / replacement.

CRASH REPLACEMENT? contact crash@zelvycarbon.com

Zelvy understands that unintentional accidents happen more often than any of us would like. There are many ways to crash or damage a bicycle and we've had a few ourselves! So Zelvy offers a LIFETIME (and by lifetime we mean forever, not *lifetime) Crash Repair / Replacement Policy to the original owner. Zelvy will either repair the damaged product or offer a replacement at our discretion. The price of replacement product or parts is 50% off the current Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. If you buy a wheelset complete and smash a rim then the replacement will be a rim at 50% of the MSRP of that rim and does not include rebuild or freight costs.  We will replace any products at our own discretion and to the latest specification product where practical.  

This offer only applies to the original purchaser or at Zelvy's discretion

Crash replacement covers rims, but does not cover spokes,nipples,hubs, freight or labour. Rims must be built by an approved Zelvy professional wheel builder or your local Zelvy Build Centre. All crash replacement and warranty requires return of the claim item for processing.

Home built wheel = NO CRASH REPLACEMENT!


Straight gauge spokes = NO CRASH REPLACEMENT!



CRASH REPLACEMENT? contact crash@zelvycarbon.com




*** In no event shall Zelvy or its owners or subsidiaries be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of its products. You ride your bike, you understand the risks. ***

Zelvy World Service Centres

Our 5 year warranty and lifetime crash replacement is backed by our service centres in the following countries:

Australia - Toowoomba

email: warranty@zelvycarbon.com

Europe - France

email: warranty@zelvycarbon.com


Asia Pacific - Singapore

email: warranty@zelvycarbon.com



So should you have any issues with your Zelvy products we will process the issue from Australia, and then direct you to return your product to your closest Zelvy World Service Centre. From there we process your order as required.

We know we live at the bottom of the world after all!