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Podium Elite Program

Forget V.I.P


P.E.P is where it's at!

Podium Elite Program rewards our existing customers. By default all Zelvy customers who spend over $1000.00 AUD receive a complimentary Bronze membership. You can choose to upgrade your membership from there. So what is in it for you?


Use it on your next purchase. Simply login to your account, and get the latest code and you are good to go!


Get access to product pre-orders. When we launch a new product, or a new model of existing product, we first offer the first shipment as a pre-release at a significant discount. Once the first shipment is fulfilled the prices go back up to retail.


Need some help at one of the Zelvy attended races, or just want to have a yarn with one of our riders? Sure thing! Provided our mechanics aren't too run off our feet, just show your loyalty card and you are in!


THIS IS A BIG ONE! Use your membership subscription value to purchase something! Here is how it works:

Depending on your membership status (BRONZE,SILVER,GOLD etc) you can use a certain percentage of what you have spent on your membership. 

For example:

Bronze: Bronze members (who pay in addition to the complimentary membership) can use 50% of the value of your membership. So if you have been a member for 1 year. You have spent $60.00 on your membership. Entitling you to a $30.00 voucher*

Gold: Gold members are entitled to 100% redeemable value. So if you have been a member of Gold for a year, you have spent $180.00 in membership. So you are entitled to a $180.00 voucher!



Throughout the year Zelvy holds events such as ride days. World Cup after parties. demo days, Christmas parties, Product launches, Eurobike, Solo bici, Roc, Crankworx etc etc..any excuse for a party! Some are open events (like ride days), but Gold and Platinum members receive complimentary gifts. Some events like after parties etc are members only. 



WHAT!? Yes you heard it right. Gold and Platinum members are entitled to one free crash replacement each year. *Conditions apply...




* Terms and conditions.

  • Redeemable value only valid on the 12 month anniversary of membership on all plans.
  • If crash replacement is redeemed, the membership value resets to zero months, zero redeemable value.
  • If subscription value is redeemed, membership resets to zero months, zero crash replacement value.
  • Crash replacements are limited to one complimentary every 12 months. Any subsequent crash replacements are at standard rates (50% off current RRP)
  • Crash replacements must be sent to your local Zelvy build centre for inspection and rebuild. 
  • Crash replacement does not include freight costs and rebuild cost.
  • Training sessions do not include travel to and from the training session location. Please check where your nearest training session is located.
  • Membership discounts may not be valid if combined with any other current offers or specials. Check the terms of the special/offer first.
  • Membership discount codes are not valid for non members, any order made by non members using membership only discount offers will be revoked.
  • Membership subscriptions are non-transferable.  
  • Membership subscriptions are only valid to the subscribed account holder.
  • Membership subscriptions are only available to retail customers.