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 We love our Zelvy customers and we will do everything we possibly can to help you. We 100% believe in the products we design and sell.

From February 2019 we have decided to offer PLATINUM warranty standard This is a  Lifetime Warranty for the original owner, that also covers subsequent owners for a period of 5 years from original new purchase date. 2019 PLATINUM cover also includes 2 years #ZELVYMATES cover. PLEASE NOTE! Lifetime  is the life of the original owner, until you die or sell the wheels, not some made up period of "lifetime" of the wheels (like some other competitors).

Please read our warranty terms and conditions before purchasing. It is your responsibility to understand the terms of our warranty and crash replacement policy. 



For wheels pre-2018 post June 2015 The Zelvy 5 year transferable warranty applies.

For wheels originally purchased before June 2015, your warranty has expired, but you are still are covered by the Zelvy "crash" replacement policy. That is forever, no matter how old the wheels or if you are not the original owner.

You MUST have the original purchase order number and Invoice.

This warranty is transferable provided it wasn't the silver cover, the new owner has the above documentation, and the warranty isn't already void due to previous modification, misuse, or any other reason. We suggest you contact Zelvy before purchasing a 2nd hand wheelset. Zelvy "mates" is non transferable.


Warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship.


Warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship!

We have thousands of wheels and rims being used and abused by all levels of riders with no issues. If you have a warranty claim please, contact us ASAP. Do not attempt to fix the issue yourself. Just like your car, that voids warranty.

Warranty does not cover you for damage from them JRA moments. For example:

If you took your new Four Wheel Drive up a track and did some panel damage, you would not expect warranty. Was the panel of the car at fault, or was the driver of the car?

If you are lucky, your car insurance would cover you. 

Our equivalent to insurance is #Zelvymates which you can purchase or depending on your warranty will come with your new wheels.

Warranty does not cover them "JRA" moments, We constantly test all our products both in lab (every batch of 20 rims), and in field (with our sponsored riders).

We are always striving for perfection, but no rim, no matter the brand or the material it is made from is indestructible!

We ride bikes down mountains. Sh!t happens! There are risks involved. That is exactly why we have our crash replacement policy, and our #zelvymates program. 

We have heard them all before:

"It was a smooth trail and I was running 40psi"

"I was following my mate on the exact same track"

"I ride this track everyday with no issues"

"I did not hear any impact sound"

"I was riding within the intended use of the product"

Before emailing our warranty department please take a look at the photo's below.

We aren't sugar coating our product, and we aren't into bullsh!tting our customers. When you buy our products, you are part of our tribe, We aim to look after you the best we can. SO.. Although rare, by nature of the sport there is a risk of damaging yourself, your bikes, and the parts on it. Including wheels. Below are some examples of impact related damage.






Again we test at the elite level of the sport, with some super fast dudes (way faster than you and all the Zelvy team, so no offence).

These guys have wheels that are years old and have had zero issues. So we just want to get this out of the way straight up.

Warranty does not cover damage sustained under normal and intended usage.

Warranty is void if the product is used for applications beyond the scope of their intended design, such as:

Using our wheels or rims for Downhill racing.

Using brake pads that are not specific to carbon on our road or BMX rims

Using BMX rims on the street, they are FOR RACE ONLY. 

Warranty is void if a part is altered in any way, including repairs by 3rd parties.  NO MATTER HOW MUCH OF A HURRY YOU ARE TO GET BACK ON THE TRAILS. Replacement of non genuine parts such as bearings by unauthorised technicians Unless first approved in writing by Zelvy. email us first!!

Abuse of product, and normal wear and tear,  are not covered by our warranty.

Wear items such as bearings, ratchet pawls are covered at our discretion.

Rim braking surfaces are warranted for 2 years against wear, and only if carbon rim brake pads have been used 100% of the products life (proof of purchase for brake pads will be required). BMX rim braking surface is not intended for street use. Race use only. Dragging the brakes will overheat and damage the rim.

Warranty does not include any freight charges. Warranty does not cover any subsequent damage to other components or frames.

Warranty does not cover spokes broken from over tension, impact from any foreign object.

Running pressures above the recommended pressure set by zelvy (50psi for mtb. 150psi road. 100psi BMX) voids warranty. This includes tubes.

Schwalbe "Pro-Core" VOIDS WARRANTY

 Foam inserts do not void warranty.

Use of our wheels on motorised bicycles voids warranty. (unless they are E-Bike specific models)


Normal wear and tear refers to worn out braking surface, worn out brake pads, damaged spokes, chips and scratches. We will replace any defective products at our own discretion and to the latest specification product where practical. Warranty does not apply to parts manufactured by other manufacturers as individual manufactures will warrant these parts. Composite Specific brake pads are provided with all road rims and wheelsets. Failure to use composite brake pads will void the warranty. Any warranty claims for braking surface will require proof of acceptable purchase quantities of brake pads for the life of the rim/wheel. Zelvy reserves the right to amend and alter the warranty terms at anytime without notice.


Spoke holes are NOT COVERED for OEM supplied rims.

Please note our 5 year warranty only applies to items sold after June 2015.

Items purchased before this date are subject to our original 2 year warranty.



All rims purchased direct from Zelvy are covered by our 5 year transferable warranty. No Lifetime warranty is offered for rim only purchases.

Proof of purchase is required for “rim only” sales.  A receipt of wheel building is required in addition to this. This sales receipt must include the make and model of spoke and nipples used in the build. Rim only sales with warranty claims involving spoke nipple hole defects are subject to our discretion. Rims must be built by a professional wheel builder or your local bike shop and we need to see a receipt. 


Home built wheel = NO WARRANTY!

(Pre 2018) Alloy nipples = NO WARRANTY!

Straight gauge spokes = NO WARRANTY!




Carbon Handlebars

Warranty for 2 years only, and is not transferable. We suggest you replace your bars every 1 to 2 years.

Crash replacement is available BUT for the original purchaser only.

Water Bottle Cage

Crash replacement is not available.

Warranty is 6 months from time of purchase.


WARRANTY CLAIM? Contact You will get an auto reply with a link to submit your claim.




Our Lifetime crash replacement policy.




Zelvy understands that unintentional accidents happen. There are many ways to crash or damage a bicycle and we've had a few ourselves! So Zelvy offers a LIFETIME (and by lifetime we mean forever, not *lifetime) Crash Repair / Replacement Policy even if you aren't the original owner. (depending on the product and the records kept of previous owner).


How does crash replacement work?


If you buy a wheelset and smash or damage the rim in any way whatsoever then the replacement will be a rim at 50% of the MSRP of the rim, for a small cost you can opt for a complete wheel replacement (conditions apply).

Send the damaged wheel back to your nearest Zelvy centre and we will rebuild and replace the damaged rim. 

The process is simple, just send us an email and we will take care of you,

Crash replacement does not include freight.

Crash replacement doesn't cover all items. Check the item description to be sure. 


Zelvy World Service Centres

Our warranty and lifetime crash replacement is backed by our service centres in the following countries: If you purchase outside AUS or EUROPE then we are happy to work with your local workshop if required.

Australia - Toowoomba




We are humans too!

Unfortunately, it seems to be a problem the entire world is facing. Cyberspace is rife with bullying and abuse. From Social Media to online only shopping. Here is our take on it. At Zelvy we consider our customers as "mates". As such, we treat our customers with respect, compassion, and like to have the occasional joke around too. We are genuinely interested in your stoke level for your new Zelvy kit! Send us pics! However, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we tolerate any form of abuse. If you are the kind of "hot head" guy or girl, that seems to think that behavior is ok. Please purchase somewhere else. It is not your "right" as a customer to think you can abuse our staff. We employ real people. Some with real mental/depression/anxiety issues (who we love to help and nurture). Your smartarse or abusive comment has actual emotional consequences. Please keep that in mind. We reserve the right to discontinue any conversation and support should you wish to behave in an abusive way to any of our staff.  Cycling is mostly a great community of awesome people, we aim to keep it that way.


*** In no event shall Zelvy or its owners or subsidiaries be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of its products. You ride your bike, you understand the risks. Please read the manual supplied with your product carefully before use***