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Sam Fraser


Name Age, Hometown:

Samuel Fraser, 22, Noosa.

Your first memory on a bike:

Building sketchy tracks on the spare block to race my mates on our BMX bikes. Never had shoes, our brakes didn’t work, and we wore Dads gardening gloves.

Your first race:

Kenilworth, 2006, Junior Hardtail. Went down on a Giant Boulder with Mozo triple clamp forks, with a last second decision to hit the big gap in the race run due to Dad yelling ‘Go Son!’

Proudest moment on a bike:

After dreaming of a backflip in a race run for a couple of years, I finally flipped my way onto a podium position.  Best way to finish a run.

 Major results:

Just having a good time riding my bike.

Best thing about your Zelvy wheels:
Stiffness. Railing corners has never been more fun.