The "Big Package Deal" sale


Our Podium Elite Program has just gone live. And to celebrate we are offering our best deal ever!!

You know what we love? You guys! And we wanted to show you how much we appreciate our loyal customers. So last year we sat around and had a few after-ride refreshments and came up with the Podium Elite Program. The CEO of Zelvy  thinks maybe we had a few too many refreshments, but hey.. Since when do you ever listen to the boss anyway.

So what is P.E.P?

You can read more here but basically it depends on what level membership you choose. Some cool things are DISCOUNTS, PRE-RELEASE ACCESS, COMPLIMENTARY CRASH REPLACEMENT!!

What's in the package?

Bit of a personal question we know, but We have packaged together some options for you below. It is simple: Review the options, write down the discount code, buy a set of I9 or FUNN Pre-Built wheels, and apply the discount code upon checkout. So get to it, THIS IS A VERY LIMITED DEAL

FUNN HUBS plus ZELVY TBAR-820 plus SILVER P.E.P plus 15% off!

FUNN HUBS plus ZELVY TBAR-820 plus GOLD P.E.P plus 10% off!

I9 HUBS plus ZELVY ENDURO CAGE plus SILVER P.E.P plus 10% off!

I9 HUBS plus ZELVY ENDURO CAGE plus GOLD P.E.P plus 5% off!


Terms and conditions:

  • Limit to one order per customer.
  • Retail customers only.(no wholesale B2B customers sorry).
  • Available online-direct only (not available from you local bike store).
  • Subject to availability.
  • UK and EU orders only available with FUNN hubs
  • USA orders ship from Australia build centre (Not USA build centre)