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The GOAT wheelset

Things just got personal.

We set out with one aim with our GOAT wheelset, and the name says it all.

Greatest wheels Of All Time (GOAT)

Here is what sets our new wheels apart from our previous generation wheels:

  • Equal spoke tensions left to right. By offsetting the spoke holes to one side of centre by as little as 3mm we are now able to build a perfectly triangular wheel. Most wheels, including our previous wheels run the spokes along the centre of the rim. The issue is that the rear wheel needs a heap of room for the cassette. So the drive side spokes stand more upright in order to place the rim in the centre of the frame. Naturally they have less spoke tension applied compared to the other side. (Sometimes half that of the left side) that isn't  a real problem when running higher spoke tensions. But we wanted to vary the spoke tensions (more on this later) move the holes over a bit though the drive side spokes are leaning over just a fraction more. and the disc brake side spokes are leaning slightly less. 
  • Tailored just to suit you and the way you ride.