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The Zelvy Comparison

The best materials...

All carbon is not equal and this is part of its beauty. Finding the correct grade begs the question: stiffness or strength? How about the weave: woven or unidirectional?  

 We use 3 different types of carbon in our wheels. To make the best rim we exploit the strengths of each grade and of each weave. Some competitors use the same weave and grade throughout their rim. Why? They don't need as much stock and complicated layup instructions.

Luckily have been working with the material for many years. Our wheels won't let you down. Riders like Innes Graham, and Phil Atwill rely on our wheels every day on the hunt for World Cup podiums. 

And the best Processes...

When carbon cures, heat is applied, the epoxy cures and the molecules cross link, gripping to each other forming an incredibly strong bond. 

But why does this matter?

To get the lightest, strongest possible structure for our Zelvy rims, the best way is to cure the entire rim in one single piece. The difficulty then is a reliable method of applying even pressure to the laminate whilst it is curing. Then great care is taken when removing that vessel from the finished rim to avoid excess uneven weight.

The enemy of any composite structure are air voids. A pocket of air in a laminate causes a weakness in that area. The way to overcome this is to apply pressure to the laminate as it is curing. 

We use a patented process that not only applies pressure to remove voids, but also helps hold the fibres in place so they stay straight and in the correct position. The entire vessel is removed after curing leaving only an almost perfectly smooth internal wall.



...Means the best of everything.

Not only do you get the strongest carbon rim with a ridiculous amount of Engineering and R&D using the best materials and layup and low profile wide design. We only choose the hub brands who specialise in and are passionate about hubs: 

We use the best spokes and external nipples. No aluminium nipples that crack and corrode your carbon rim (simple science, aluminium and carbon hate each other and beat up on each other), No cheap no name soft brass nipples that come loose and round at the first touch of a spoke spanner.

Which is why we offer the best Warranty.

It's simple for us: we believe so much in our carbon wheels, we back it up with a five year warranty. It's 5 years! It's transferable!