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Zelvy EnduroCage

It  almost  makes  the  water  lighter..

(well.. almost)

Because we wished we could live in a world where everything is carbon, we had to design ourselves our very own Zelvy carbon water bottle cage for mountain bikes.


- Only 20 grams. The trick is that whilst you can technically design something lighter, it won't have the strength to hold a water bottle on gnarly descents. We've perfected the balance between strength and lightness. We've never dropped a water bottle since.

- Side mounted. Because full suspension frames can be pretty cramped, it made total sense to run the water bottle cage as a side mount. No more trying to poke your water bottle into the top of the cage at weird angles.

- Thicker lay up compared to most other carbon cages because we use ultra high grade carbon.

- Understated looks. 3k unidirectional carbon fibre is easy on the eyes. Available in Matte or Gloss.

Please note: because every frame already has bolts inserted into the water bottle mounts, we don't include any bolts with the water bottle cage. It seemed like such a waste to us.


EnduroCage Matte

EnduroCage Gloss

19 grams 20 grams
BODY MATERIAL Carbon composite Carbon composite
FINISH Matte 3k carbon Gloss 3k carbon
MOUNTING Standard bottle mount, bolts not included Standard bottle mount, bolts not included
BOTTLE TYPE Designed for ~620ml bottles with neck Designed for ~620ml bottles with neck
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