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Introducing the GOAT BLING wheelset:


Greatest wheels





We get it.

You know what? We love our Zelvy hub. It truly has been a labour of love developing it over the years.

BUT we get it. You want colours. You want to pull up to the trail head with the most ridiculous, excessive BLING custom bike creation in the entire carpark! (then fiddle with your bike and gear until all the quick guys on 5 year old bikes go so they don't see you fumble down the trail right?!)

You just want the BEST of the BEST

Are Chris King or Hope going to make you faster? No, not in our opinion. Are they going to last longer? Sorry, we build our products tough as shit too. But we can't offer you all them perty colours. 

Consider the BLING GOAT like speccing your new Bugatti. These bad boys are going to be hand built JUST FOR YOU. We order the hubs in (from UK or USA) and hand build them over a few cups of coffee and some good tunes. This level of care and attention takes some time. But well worth the wait!


We are limiting production to 200 sets this year. We simply can not build more than this. You know you have something a little bit special.




Next Level customisation

The GOAT BLING wheelset was born in a world of mass production, machine built products, where product specification is dictated to you, where your choice is made by actually compromising your own desires. We decided to take a different approach. and offer you, our customer a wheelset built and tuned specifically for you! 

Wide rims for the win!!

Previously our lighter sub 400 gram rim was only available in a 25mm internal, 30mm external profile. Now we have taken this rim and its higher grade carbon and used the mould from our previous "PDL" Rim. Combined it with the higher grade carbon used in the RBL rim, changed the layup slightly to create a super strong, yet incredibly light rim.



Simplified Models


Trail Goat.

27.5" Weight =1480 grams (bladed spokes) 1511 grams (Butted spokes)

29"    Weight =1520 grams (bladed spokes) 1551 grams (Butted spokes)

The perfect wheelset for your 140/150mm travel trail weapon. Or even your XC bike. Still plenty burly enough for enduro action.

Mountain  Goat.

27.5" Weight =1559 grams (bladed spokes) 1589 grams (Butted spokes)

29"   Weight =1599 grams (bladed spokes) 1629 grams (Butted spokes)

The wheelset for everyday people who ride everyday trails everyday! Light, strong, durable..

Slightly heavier rear rim, but the same front rim as the Trail

Alpine Goat.

27.5" Weight =1639 grams (bladed spokes) 1669 grams (Butted spokes)

29"   Weight =1639 grams (bladed spokes) 1669 grams (Butted spokes)

Hurtling down alpe d'huez in the Mega Avalanche going for the podium? Top 10 EWS in your sights? Or you just drink one too many beers and have a bit of a speed belly getting you up around the 100kg rider weight and / or zero finesse :) Slightly heavier rims front and rear.  Basically a Downhill bike worthy wheelset. Be honest with yourself though, are you really that fast? Since the Mountain Goat saves you quite a bit of weight for them uphill transitions! (No point running bladed spokes here folks! Better off with the Mountain Goat and butted spokes)

Because you are special (awww)

The way a wheel is built plays a significant factor in how the wheel rides. This is why all Zelvy wheels have always been, and will always be built BY HAND IN AUSTRALIA.

GOAT wheels take this to another level though! Now we build your wheels just for you. Lighter guy or girl? Lower spoke tension. Faster on the bike than most? Well your velocity is higher, so you are impacting everything on the trail with higher forces than others, so higher spoke tension. (feel how stiff a pro riders suspension is to yours even though he weighs the same, it is stiffer for the same reason). A bit more of a weekend casual rider, but a bit heavier rider weight? Mid range spoke tension. Each wheelset is prepared for you, and comes with a build card  in the owners manual to show you your specs. 

Nipple position is important!

(say that aloud in public and see what looks you get :)  )

So our rim mould is the same as always. And we have always directionally drilled the spoke holes (pointing the nipple bed toward the corresponding side of the hub flange). But now our spoke holes are 3mm offset to one side of the rim. 

WHY? better triangulation of the spokes.

Traditionally back in the days before gears and disc brakes the rim sat exactly in the middle of the hub flanges. Now 12 gears on the back wheel taking up valuable real-estate the spokes on the drive side of the bike are more upright, whilst the non drive side are leaning over. The disc brake on the front wheel also causes a similar situation. By offsetting the spoke holes now the drive side spokes are leaning over more, and the non-drive side leaning over less on the rear wheel. And the same on the front, the disc side is leaning over more. 

The end result is a wheel that has similar spoke angles, lengths and tensions left to right on the wheel. The spoke tension is only as strong as its weakest link, because we wanted to build a wheel JUST FOR YOU, with tensions that suited your riding style. We needed to make sure the lowest spoke tension of the entire wheelset was still optimal. With offset spoke holes we have achieved a very even spoke tension throughout the wheel.




Quality workmanship, right from the start. we have intimate knowledge and involvement in every process of our wheels, hand-built from start to finish. What sets Zelvy apart isn't just that we are rider owned, but we have first hand composites experience. We manufacture composites right here in Toowoomba, Australia.

The rim profile, carbon layup, spoke count and tension all play a big part in ride quality. And ultimately speed, confidence and enjoyment. 



We never leave our buds high and dry. With each 2018 wheel purchase you got the reassurance of the best Warranty options, you can choose the level of cover you want. And the optional " #Zelvymates cover covers you for them "Oh crap" moments.

Our Wheels can go forever with Zelvy crash replacement guarantee. 


All our BLING GOAT wheels are hand built to your specification and our workload can vary, please allow approximately 15 to 20  days for your order to be processed. Then we will ship these bad boys to you STAT!

We are usually hitting the 2 week turnaround time, it depends on hub supply.

 All specifications subject to change without notice.