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2019 Zelvy GOAT wheelset

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Introducing the 2019 GOAT wheelset:


Greatest wheels




  Since 2012 we have tested, learnt and refined our wheels. 

Did you know the single best upgrade you can make to any performance vehicle is the wheels?


Rotational inertia, flex, and unsprung weight are ruining your ride!!



Introducing the 2019 GOAT wheelset, an effective tool for finding speed.

Precise, Light, Strong, and damn FAST.

Just read our customer reviews (below). And if you want to enjoy the ride even more, there wheels are for you. If you are chasing those elusive seconds, these are the wheels for you.

See, it doesn't matter if you are a Pro EWS rider (our wheels have are EWS podium proven) or just get out once a week on your local trails. The Zelvy GOAT wheelset will provide you equal amounts of satisfaction and enjoyment.

And that's what it is all about right?



  • BOOST Zelvy Industries hubs with silky smooth Japanese bearings (sorry, we no longer offer 142x12 and 100x15)
  • Both XD and HG drivers are now included as standard.
  • Spare spokes.
  • Your wheels, fitted with the stickers you have ordered.
  • Valves and tape.



27.5" Weight =1685 grams**

29"    Weight =1695 grams**




  • 30mm internal, 35mm external Zelvy rims, 23mm high,

  • 3mm Offset spoke holes for more even spoke tension.

  • 32 spokes per wheel front and rear. (not 28, or 24, these aren't road bike wheels)

  • Front and rear specific rim layup (we have been doing this for years by the way)

  • Sapim Race spokes

  • Black anodised 7000 series alloy nipples



These wheels come standard with our 5 year warranty. 

Have an "oh crap" moment? make your claim, send us your broken wheel, and as soon as we have the tracking notification that it is heading our way, we will send you a complete new wheel to replace it!!*


insurance that covers you for any damage to the wheels. No questions asked. BETTER STILL 2 years membership is INCLUDED AUTOMATICALLY with PLATINUM warranty.

How good is that!? Compare our price with the level of cover AND With the reassurance of the best Warranty options around from a reputable company.




 All specifications subject to change without notice.

Our wheels are not compatible with Ebikes. (We will soon have Heavier Duty Ebike wheels in April)

* subject to stock availability and replacement criteria.

** carbon rim weights may vary.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
New Mountain Goat Wheelset

To be honest, I was expecting these wheels to be pretty amazing based on the previous reviews of Zelvy Wheels. I'm glad to say that they did not dissapoint. The ceramic bearing upgrade is worth every cent and I love the noise of the hub.
The wheels are fast and super easy to set up tubless, I picked the wheels up at lunch on the way out to race the National GE Round at Towoomba and set them up at the top of the Mountain with a standard track pump. They were amazing all weekend! Overall, super stocked and great value for an Aussie made product!!

Awesome Wheels

These are such an upgrade on the stock wheels that came with my 2018 Nukeproof Mega 290 Pro. Not once have I felt any concerning flex during rough lines, off-camber terrain or when pushing hard. I was concerned that being my first pair of carbon rims they would be too stiff, however, I am just loving how solid they are. They have been, easy to set up, hassle free point & shoot rims. The extra grip gained when going from a 25mm to 30mm ID rims has been unreal & the 2.5" WT tyres can be run a good few PSI lower than I would normally run. Gotta love the Zelvy hub singing like a swarm of wasps!

Best upgrade you can give your bike

After riding the stock wheels on my 2015 Norco Sight C7.2 for nearly 3 years they were absolutely in need for replacing. The build quality on Zelvy wheels are ridiculous, when i first received them i just admired them for days before putting them on the bike. They’ve allowed me to run much wider tyres (2.5) and they provide a lot of support to the tyre at lower pressures, this has resulted in a level of grip I’ve never known before, so it’s taken a few rides to get used to where the grip limit now is with the new wheelset/tyre combo.

Do yourself a favour a put a set of these on your bike, you won’t regret it for a second

2018 Zelvycarbon Wheelset and Zelvy hubs with ceramic bearings

Despite how long it took to receive my order I still have to give Zelvy a five star review. Mostly because the wheels are utterly sensational. It is unreal how good they are.

So I ordered my wheelset on the 13th of December last year and received them on 22 February 2018. I knew there would be a bit of a delay over the Christmas period and things so I wasn’t worried. The guys at Zelvy knew about his delay and immediately asked if they could sort me out with something. I asked for one of their bottle cages and stoked with that too! So everything on their end was perfect. The wheels got hung up at customs NZ and a glitch with them meant I didn’t get emails for tax invoices etc. When I got the invoices I paid them immediately and there were back in their merry way. TNT also got them to me quick after customs. The package arrived and everything was in great condition. So far so good.

Back to the wheels. I thought they would be good but honestly I didn’t expect them to be THAT good. I came off a Stans Mk3 wheelset with Hope Pro 4 hubs. Now not saying anything bad about that setup. They are an awesome wheel set and performed really well. That’s why I wasn’t expecting much extra. But holy hell. The Zelvy wheels are truly next level. Stiff yet complaint, roll amazingly well with the ceramic bearings and that Zelvy hub sounds like a nest of angry hornets preparing for war. Not super loud on the trail but super satisfying to ride. Power everywhere and with every stroke. The wheels provide amazing traction and feel. I feel like the bike’s handling is that much more direct and precise. I can flick it into turns without even thinking about it. It’s like the bike is reading my mind. While the flow mk3s were awesome they didn’t give me this level of feel and precision.

I got the white decals and they just complete my Nomad 4 and make it pop. The levels of stoke are real! And they are cheaper than alternative carbon wheelsets!

Yeah I could be bitter about the wai...

These wheels are rad

Just went for my first ride with the new wheels and I expected them to feel a little better than what I was running(carbon rovals) but honestly couldn’t believe how good they felt to shred with, far better than I thought, so stoked!