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2019 Zelvy GOAT wheelset

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Introducing the 2019 GOAT wheelset:


Greatest wheels





  Since 2012 we have tested, learnt and refined our wheels. 

Over these  past 7 years our wheels have helped Elite Level Athletes Podium World Cups and EWS, and Mega-Avalanche rounds. Legendary names like Kovarik, Masters, Atwill, and more have all enjoyed success on our wheels.

Did you know the single best upgrade you can make to any performance vehicle is the wheels?


Rotational inertia, flex, and unsprung weight are ruining your ride!!



Introducing the 2019 GOAT wheelset, an effective tool for finding speed.

Precise, Light, Strong, and damn FAST.

Just read our customer reviews (below). And if you want to enjoy the ride even more, there wheels are for you. If you are chasing those elusive seconds, these are the wheels for you.

See, it doesn't matter if you are a Pro EWS rider (our wheels have are EWS podium proven) or just get out once a week on your local trails. The Zelvy GOAT wheelset will provide you equal amounts of satisfaction and enjoyment.

And that's what it is all about right?




You are covered by #zelvymates 100% for 2 years for original purchaser.

#Zelvymates is our insurance policy, covering you against accidental damage of any kind. So if you smash a rim, spoke or anything, send the damaged wheels back, and we will send you a complete new wheel, no questions asked. After 2 years, you can choose to renew this cover on a yearly basis for approximately $150/year.

Warranty covers against workmanship and imperfections in production (not wear and tear or accidental damage). It covers you forever. You can read more details on our Terms and conditions page.

Compare our price with the level of cover AND With the reassurance of the best Warranty options around from a reputable company*.




  • BOOST Zelvy Industries hubs with silky smooth Japanese bearings (sorry, we no longer offer 142x12 and 100x15)
  • Both XD and HG drivers are now included as standard.
  • Spare spokes.
  • Your wheels, fitted with the stickers you have ordered.
  • Valves and tape.



27.5" Weight =1685 grams**

29"    Weight =1695 grams**




  • 30mm internal, 35mm external Zelvy rims, 23mm high,

  • 3mm Offset spoke holes for more even spoke tension.

  • 32 spokes per wheel front and rear. (not 28, or 24, these aren't road bike wheels)

  • Front and rear specific rim layup (we have been doing this for years by the way)


  • Sapim Race spokes

  • Black anodised 7000 series alloy nipples


    • Zelvy "Clickbait" Hubs
    • Boost standard.
    • Ships with both XD and HG drivers.
    • Colour coded decals.
    • 72 Points of engagement. (3 and 3 offset pawl system)
    • Quality greased Japanese bearings.
    • Black hard anodised finish.
    • 440 gram weight / pair.


     So what are you waiting for?

    Are our wheels too cheap? Well our market direct price, and the fact we don't want to rip you guys off is why! We use quality components, and have been building wheels for years. We also have our own carbon fibre workshop, so we know layups. Don't risk buying overseas or from some fly by night brand that might not even be around next year!


    Tell you what, here is a sweetener!

    If you don't like the wheels after 20 days, send them back (undamaged) and we will refund you in full. 





     All specifications subject to change without notice.

    Our wheels are not compatible with all Ebikes. (please contact us first to ensure your Ebike is compatible)

    * subject to stock availability and replacement criteria.

    ** carbon rim weights may vary.

    Our Ts & Cs

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 50 reviews
    Great wheels

    Great wheels, beautiful looking, rad sounding, spin perfectly. Pretty slow to arrive after placing the order but the quality and ride feel combined with the insane price make for an unforgettable package.

    Great upgrade!

    Had a set of beefy enduro wheels on my Capra 29 and wanted to upgrade to something less sluggish. Weight difference was 2.1kg ish down to 1.7kg ish plus some lighter tyres (around 450-500g total). What a difference these made! First few pedal strokes the bike accelerated like a XC. Corners are faster, wheel placement and responsiveness is accurate and stiff. Be aware though, these carbon rims require aggressive riding to get the most out of them and will certainly make your ride a lot harsher with more feedback through your arms! As long as you have some LSC/HSC adjustability on your suspension, you can counter most of it. Tyres seated without any issues at all (even forgot to put sealant in for the first 3 rides without dropping any pressure). Delivered to Melbourne within 5 days. Would definitely recommend!

    great wheels for a great price point

    great wheels for a great price point

    Great MTB Wheels

    This is my second Zelvy carbon wheel set. The quality and service is fabulous, second to none. Got them for my new bike which came with high end ali wheels. Having bought Zelvy carbon rims on my old bike after several years I wanted carbon on the new bike from the start. The first set have taken a real hammering on all mountain and enduro outings without fault and the newies look even better. On top of that they are Aussie made, well priced and with great warranty. Go for them if carbon wheelset is your thing.

    Product good - service not so good

    The wheels arrived later than the 5 weeks - when I asked for the status they mistaken my order for another.
    They forgot to include the tubeless kit I paid for - which I am STILL WAITING FOR(!?!).
    They only respond to emails Tue- Thu in the week. Even then, their emails are short, vague and lacking detail as to what is happening. Never got a formal receipt- not sure beyond an email trail how I will claim warranty in the future.

    Thankyou for your review Kevin. We do explain the time frame is just an estimate. Sorry your wheels took a little longer than our estimate, we do not guarantee the time of build however because the hubs are special order and we are at the mercy of the manufacturer and also the freight companies. We received one email from you and replied straight away, first we thought you were another Kevin we have an order for for Chris King hubs. We corrected that straight away. These mistakes happen I guess! Our immediate reply was your wheels were being sent and you will get a tracking number from our system in a few hours (vague?) Sorry if that was vague. Our email also said quote' if you have any further questions, or need anything please ask' . We messed up on the tubeless kit. But it is on its way. All in all we apologize you found this experience sub standard and will try better .