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ROAD PDL-R38 Rim brake Wheels


AU-Quickbuy <P>ROAD PDL-R38 Rim brake Wheels<P>WHITE INDUSTRIES HUBS
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This is the only wheelset you will ever need, the 38mm PDL-R offers a significant aero advantage, still comfortable for long rides, no matter what the sidewind is, light enough for the climbs. And like all our road wheels, strong enough for long descents. That's the Zelvy Hardshell difference.


PDL: Our standard rim, strong, light. Precise. Tri grade carbon 'Hardshell' braking surface. 5 year Guaranteed. Lifetime (as in forever, not 'lifetime*') crash replacement.

SAFETY FIRST DECALS: Really reflective; and standard. Normal looking during the day, but come night time these decals come out to party with you like glow sticks at rave parties. More reflective than a council road worker. You will stand out to motorists, keeping you safer. 

BLOOD MARBLE: Not quite matte marble like our MTB and BMX rims. The reason? Our high temp resin is the only reason why we can guaruntee our braking surface won't melt and deform (like almost every other carbon clincher in the universe does) and this resin we get from europe, and it is only available with a red hue. So blood marble it is! The hue is very subtle, consider it a reminder that you are safe and secure.

38mm PDL-R

  • External width 29mm Internal width 17.5mm
  • Drilling 20 hole front, 24 hole rear.
  • Weight 455 grams each rim. 



No Compromise, it is a PASSION thing..

Sure, We could have gone lighter.. and yes, we could have re-branded some factory hub, called it 'special', talked about the bearings, weight, and ratchet engagement. But that's not how we roll (seriously bad pun intended).

Just like our infamous MTB wheelsets, we have gone to the companies that are at the pinnacle of what they do and are passionate about. And we trust these guys. They are rad. They make rad hubs that have next to no drag, have bearings that last for aaaages, and use materials like titanium on the freehub, (we like titanium almost as much as carbon) so it doesn't bruise from you dropping massive watt-bombs (we dislike bruises).

On those hard suffering climbs, you can look down and think to yourself, 'damn that hubs is a piece of art' and smile... 



WHITE INDUSTRIES T11 hubset details.

  • Driver Engagement - 48 points
  • Driver body - Titanium.
  • Bearings Shimano: three: 6902-2rs one: 3802W
  • Country of origin - USA.
  • Weight - 344 grams


            THE SPOKES:

            • 20 hole front, 24 hole rear


            • Our own triple butted, patented double forged head and thread
            • Weight: 283g (44 quantity)
            • Nipples Brass with Ti coating 44g (44 qty)


            • Bladed, CX Ray by Sapim.
            • Weight: 183g (44 quantity)
            • Nipples Alloy anodised 17g (44 qty)


            THE WEIGHT:


            TOTAL WHEEL WEIGHT =  1945 grams


            TOTAL WHEEL WEIGHT =  1455 grams