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RBL 29x30mm

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Packed with killer features, the Zelvy carbon 29" Rim includes:

- 30mm Wide External, 25mm Internal, only 365grams.

- Our famous Zelvy rim, used by some of the fastest people on the planet. 

- Our rims are 32 spoke count. We don't compromise reliability for a little weight saving.

- Tubeless ready. With new rim well profile for hand pump inflation.

- Our Zelvy craftsmen guarantee. Lifetime crash replacement / repair warranty. Seriously does anyone actually do this other than us?

- You get to talk to a group of Aussie MTB lovers who will bend over backwards for you. Got a question? Then get in touch with us. We'd love to hear from you.


  • Solid, secure and precise ride. We have engineered the carbon layup of our rims to provide great acceleration and steering precision.
  • Hookless design is engineered and designed to maximise resistance against rock strikes, combining a secondary reinforcement material with a specific layup technique to significantly increase impact resistance.
  • External spoke nipples for easy wheel maintenance. In race conditions we know you don’t have time to remove a tubeless setup just to tension a spoke!
  • Customizable replaceable graphics. Keep your wheels looking nice and fresh. Stickers are available online (wheelset order details are required).
  • Stiffer than alloy for great point and shoot accuracy. Great acceleration out of corners.
  • Lifetime rim crash replacement and 5 year transferable warranty.
  • A wider rim positions each sidewalls of the tyre further apart giving the tyre less ballooning. 
  • Hookless design tubeless specific (can run tubes also) means less chance of “burping” tubeless setups. The sidewall and bead of the tyre are not subjected to the same loads that want to separate the tyre bead from the rim.
  • Wider rims = stiffer wheel build. Just like a larger diameter tubing on a bike gives a stiffer frame for the same amount of material, the same applies for a rim. A wider rim can use comparatively less material than a narrow rim because the wide design is in itself stronger.

A Zelvy wheelset will last a lifetime and take you up and down the gnarliest singletracks. Upgrading to Zelvy carbon wheels will make you faster. Order yours today.