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Zelvy BrakeLite 140mm composite brake rotor.

Zelvy BrakeLite 140mm composite brake rotor.

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Brakelite Rotor is Due in stock OCTOBER 2016

Rotational inertia? Try this, take the wheel from a bike and hold it by the axle with both hands. Turn it up and down, left and right. Easy hey? Now spin it as fast as you can and try to move it just as fast? Bit harder right? Rotational inertia effectively increases the weight the faster you go. So every bit of weight saved counts.

Having already reinvented the wheel, we looked to the brake rotors. The BrakeLite rotor combines a lightweight and ultra-durable, Stealth Ceramic (good for over 10000 brake cycles using our specific pads supplied) coated alloy braking surface with a carbon carrier. Unlike full carbon rotors the BrakeLite offers equivalent braking performance to traditional stainless rotors, and doesn’t require warming up. But is still half the weight of the average standard brake rotor. That’s a 50 gram saving per wheel based on a 160mm rotor. 

This purchases a Single Rotor per order.

Saving weight never looked so stealth.